Course 3

Gum Paste & Fondant


Note: Class end times are rough estimates and will vary depending on actual progress


Four-2 hour sessions $60


Develop new skills working with fondant and gum paste, and apply them to create shapes, borders and flowers. You’ll also learn how to cover a cake with fondant. Plus, you’ll design and create a complete project using all the techniques you were taught.

Your instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn to:

  • Prepare and color gum paste and fondant
  • Cover a cake with fondant
  • Create different types of bows, flowers (including calla lilies, daisies, roses and carnations), plaques, & borders
  • Use helpful tools, impression mats, tappits, & plungers
  • Use of luster and petal dusts for dusting and steaming your gum paste flowers and pieces.
  • Design and complete a cake with the shapes and flowers from the course

What to Bring to Lesson 1:

  • Course 3 Student Kit (see options below)
  • Piping Gel
  • Wash Cloth and Paper Towels
  • Ruler
  • Press-n-Seal
  • 2 Plastic Cups
  • 2 Tbsp Shortening
  • 1 Tbsp each Powdered Sugar & Corn Starch combined
  • Round Toothpicks
  • Box to transport completed gum paste pieces
  • Plastic bag for used decorating tools

Course 3 kit- includes:

  • 10” box
  • 10” double foil covered board
  • 8” board
  • Heart cutter
  • 9” Rolling Pin
  • Round Cut Outs
  • Sculpey Ball Tools
  • Foam Set
  • 2 Dowels
  • 2 Calla Lily cones (snow cone cups)
  • PME Veining Tool
  • NY Cake Daisy plunger cutter
  • Wilton Rose Cutter Set


20% discount offered on entire purchase 1st night of class (excludes kit)

Recommended Items—

  • Dusting Puff
  • Vodka (Water) Brush
  • Roll-n-Cut Mat
  • 2lb Satin Ice Gum Paste
  • Blue Petal Pad
  • Shaping Bowls
  • 20” Rolling Pin
  • 2lb Satin Ice White Fondant
  • Piping Gel
  • Food Safe Gloves
  • PME Carnation cutter
  • Wilton practice board/gum paste storage board
  • Assorted decorator brushes

Prerequisite: Course 1 Decorating Basics


Cancelation Policy:  You must provide at least 2 regular business days notice of cancelation, not to include Sunday or Monday, to transfer tuition to another class.