Class Requirements


  • We bleach and sanitize all the tables and chairs before and after every class.
  • We have purchased an air purifier for the classroom; however, wearing your mask is still strongly recommended.
  • Unless you are family, you will not be allowed to share tools or products.  Pay close attention to the items listed that you need during class, if any thing is forgotten you will have to make do without.
  • Even with these precautions, we recognize that there is always a risk of infection when people are gathered.  You will be required to sign a Covid release form before class begins.  If student is under the age of 18, a parent must sign.


  • There is no longer any parking directly behind store.  Our front door is locked after normal business hours but parking is usually available behind First Northern Bank which will give you easy access to our back door.  On class days that you will be bringing in a cake or cupcakes plus supplies, you can pull up to our back door, unload and then park.