Janis Luzzo

Owner of Every Baking Moment & cake decorator extraordinaire, Janis began cake decorating 40 years ago while serving in the United States Air Force.  After her retirement from the Air Force in 1998, she began teaching cake decorating at various locations in the area.  Consumed with the desire to provide the home decorator with all the products not easily obtainable, she opened Every Baking Moment in July 2000.  The continually growing inventory and unsurpassed customer service draws students in from as far as Esparto to Fresno & Napa to Roseville.  With the increasing student enrollment and participation in Wilton’s class programs, Janis was awarded one of Wilton’s most prestigious awards:  International Instructor of the Year for 2005.  As part of the award she had the privilege to be trained in Advanced Gum Paste and Fondant by Colette Peters.  She Earned this award 3 more times before Wilton shut down it’s class programs.  All of our courses have been rewritten and continually updated to best meet your needs.  While Every Baking Moment continues to grow, so do Janis’ skills and passions, although her greatest claim to fame is being Every Baking Moment’s “Employee of the Month” for 264 months and counting….